It was all fun and games when I was a young admissions dean without children. I loved my job and had so much fun talking to students and

parents about colleges and the admissions process. I especially enjoyed the energy that surrounds high school students that is rooted in the belief that anything is possible and that the future is wide open.

Nowadays I am and independent filmmaker and mother of three. My oldest is a junior in high school who will be applying to colleges next year. We are starting to create his college list and are trying to figure out how to best to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Fortunately, I have insider’s knowledge of how the application process works and good friends that are still in the biz. But, for me the stakes have changed now that my son is the one on the chopping block.

So much has changed since I was an Assistant Dean of Admissions. It seems that the application process is more competitive. Having worked for a liberal arts college with a very personal admissions process, it is interesting to explore how admission to large universities works and how things have changed.

Listening to my son and his friends talk about colleges and the admissions process usually causes me some concern. Many of them don’t have a clue. Some with means have private college counselors. This group of kids will be just fine. But, most don’t have this kind of help and lack support from qualified college advisors at the local public high schools.

What do students and parents need to know to successfully navigate the application process? Since I will be doing quite a bit of research for my son this year, I figured I would document the process and share my findings with all of you. My goal is to make my blog and videos informative and engaging.  If free admissions information and advice sounds good to you, please add your name to my email distribution list so I can let you know every time I post something new. I will be covering a lot of ground including campus tours, financial aid, scholarships, SAT/ACT, athletics, personal essays, teacher recommendations, etc.

I also encourage you to ask questions that are important to you. We are all in this together and together we can support each other through the college admissions journey. Remember, the college process doesn’t have to be stressful. With good information you will be in control of your future.